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Product development background At present, countries around the word have successively promulgated anti-smoking laws and regulations to protect nonsmokers. Strictly prohibit smoking in some public transportation. According to the German Caner Research Centre(DKFZ), tobacco smoke contains more than 4800 substances of which more than 70 are suspected of being carcinogenic. Some highly toxic and corrosive substances were also found. This illustrates how dangerous tobacco smoke and hence, passive smoking, actually is. To solve the smoking problem, usually to set up smoking booths or smoking islands, through a wall cutout - or by connecting the ventilation system to release the tobacco smoking. Which will cause the reflow or the tobacco smoking re-circulate into the other work environment. And this area filled with "cold smoke" will not even be tolerated as a smoking room by many smokers. Non-smoker-protection systems, totally follow BGIA requirements and testing standard, no need separated the smokers from the non-smokers. The tobacco smoking be absorbed within 5 seconds by Non-smoker protection system. Filtration System effect filtration so as to remove both particulate matter (tobacco smoke) and gaseous constituents (e.g. odorants). The exhaust air from the non-smoker protection system is discharged directly to the indoor environment, and the air particle number concentration is less than 3000 in cm3 .Product Introduction Eliminate second-hand smoke and protect non-smokers. Inside of Non-smoker protection system, always be maintained at an ambient air pressure. To guaranty no tobacco smoking escape and no uncomfortable feeling. Non-smoker protection system is made up with three parts: Central Control System, Filtration System and ventilation system. Modular production and can be customized.

Non-smoker-protection systems Particle numbers(cm²)≤3000 Typical ambient and workplace particle numbers

Location Particle number concentration in cm-3 Workplace Particle number concentration in cm-3
Tiefenbach 3090 Office 4300~6600
Arzberg 5406 Bakery 5000~640000
Augsburg, Helsinki, Stockholm ≈10000 Printing shop 9000~15000
Dresden ≈23000 Airport apron 260000~700000
Barcelona ≈39000 Laser welding 5000000~40000000
Rome ≈43000    
Product structure The frame is made of high-strength aluminum alloy and 6mm high-strength tempered glass. Equipped with LED lights and no need external lighting. Equipped with radar sensor switch achieve automatic start and stop, save energy, equipped with table and large-capacity AHS container, which can store 5000 cigarette butts.

Technical Data

Description Specification Specification Remark
Model S250    
Dimension(mm) 2500×1560×2190 3000×1560×2190 (L×W×H)
Area(m2) 4 5  
Capacity 4~6 6~8  
Net Weight(Kg) 450 500  
Air volume(m3/h) 2000 2000  
Cigarette butts 5000 5000  
Power(W) 250 250 Operation
50 50 Standby
Noise(dBA) ≦60 ≦60 Operation
≦40 ≦40 Standby
How it works The central control system monitors the entry of personnel, activates the lighting, and immediately switches from the standby state to the working state. Tobacco smoking is generated, it passes through the filter system and purifies the flue gas. The filtered clean air is discharged from the top of the equipment through the ventilation system. After the personnel leave, the equipment will automatically turn off the lighting and enter the standby mode after running for 2 minutes.Filtration system description Filter module, scientifically calculated and reasonably distributed, maximized use of the performance of each module. Classification and directional treatment of the particulate matter and odor components in the flue gas. BP module and the HEPA module complement each other, mainly to remove particles and suspensions in the flue gas. OCC module comprehensive treatment the odor in the flue gas, ICC module directional treatment the formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, carbon monoxide and.Sincerely invite agents all over the world!CONTACT US

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