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Jiangyin City METALS Products Co.,Ltd can provide a wide range of standard and custom/special shapes.FinishingFabrication Service
Product Name Custom Aluminum Profile
Alloy Grade Custom
Temper Custom
Shape & Size Custom
Application A variety of industries depending on customer request
Custom Type As per provided drawing or sample
Fabrication Milling, drilling/tapping, punching, bending, welding etc.
Surface Mill Finish, Wood Grain, Anodizing, Powder Coating etc.
Color Bright Silver, Black, Champagne, Gold,Rose Gold, Bronze, Blue, Grey, etc.
MOQ 1000 Kg
Quality Standard High quality
Sometimes Aluminum standard profiles cannot satisfy the needs of your project because of the unique attributes of the project and obviously you need custom custom aluminum extrusion profiles. At this point, we can help you. Let us know your requirements and preferences; we can create the custom die to produce the special shapes & sizes whether it is solid, hollow, semi-hollow with a variety of secondary services such as fabrication service, surface treatment, heat treatment only for you. Our Extruders can produce custom shapes up to 450mm in width and we can extrude any shape and provide the profile length from 0.5 meter up to 15 meters. The selection of aluminum grades depends on the specific end-use requirements of your products. The selection should base on the requirements of strength, weldability, forming characteristics, finish, corrosion resistance, machinability and other expectations of the end-use application. We provide a variety of aluminum grades. Grades of Aluminum We can Provided
Alloy Series Representative Grades Characteristics Applications
1XXX 1050/1070/1100/1197 ● Pure aluminium ● Heat transfer
● Non-heat treatable alloy ● Automotive
● Soft ● HVACR industries
● Good thermal conductivity ● Electrical industry
3XXX 3102/3103/3003 ● Good corrosion resistance ● Architectural application
● Non-heat treatable alloy ● Gutters, downspouts, roofing, and siding
● Moderate strength ● Automotive
● Good workability ● HVACR industries
● 3003 Alloy is 20% stronger than 1100 ● Outdoor applications
  ● Other anti-rust application
5XXX 5083 ● Easier to weld than 6xxx-series alloys ● Marine ship structure applications
● Excellent in corrosion resistance in a salt-water environment
6XXX 6061 ● High corrosion resistance ● Construction material
● Heat treatable alloy ● Automotive components
● Weldable ● Marine components.  
● Magnesium and silicon alloy ● Bridge components
● Good weldability and formability.  
6063 ● Highly corrosion resistant ● Railway car components
● Good workability and weldability ● Tube/Pipe
● Best appearance after anodizing ● Electrical bus conductors
● Finer grain structure than 6061  ● Architectural applications.
6082  ● Highly corrosion resistant ● Trucks body
● Good appearance after anodizing ● Floors
● High-strength  
7xxx 7075 ● More zinc than 6061 ● High-strength applications
● Excellent corrosion resistant  ● Aerospace
● High-strength ● Military equipment
7108 ● Excellent corrosion resistant  ● Building and transport applications
● High-strength
● Limited extrudability and formability
● Susceptible to stress corrosion in areas with high stresses

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