50 series T-Slot

Products Details

The Application of T-Slot Profile

1. Framing

2. Workbench

3. Maintaining Platforms, Ladders

5. Photovoltaic Mounting Brackets

4. Medical Equipment Holders

6. Car Simulator Stand

7. Various Shelves, Racks

In addition to above applications, T-slot aluminum profiles can be widely used for various products. In general, you can use them as long as you want to use. It should be noted that there are a lot of other specifications, and the specific design can be made according to your own needs and selection. 8. Trolleys 9. Exhibition Racks, Whiteboard RacksJiangyin City METALS Products Co.,Ltd can provide a wide range of standard and custom/special shapes.FinishingFabrication ServiceProduct Details

Product Name

T-Slot Aluminum Extrusion Profile

Alloy Grade

6063-T5 or other custom aluminum alloy


15, 20, 30, 40, 45, 50, 60, 80, 90, 100, 120, 160 Series or custom shape & size


Above 0.7 mm

Representative Industry

Warehouse shelf, work table, machine stands, pipeline etc.

Custom Type

As per provided drawing or sample


Milling, drilling/tapping, punching, bending, welding etc.


Mill Finish, Wood Grain Painting, Anodizing, Powder Coating etc.


Bright Silver, Black, Champagne, Gold,Rose Gold, Bronze, Blue, Grey, etc.


500 Kg

Quality Standard

High quality

 Part number MTS-8-5050A
 Material  6063-T5 Aluminum
 Finish  Clear Anodized
 Weight  2.8 kg/m
 Length  6.02 m
 Moment of Inertia  I(x) = 11.33 cm4
 I(Y) = 11.33 cm4
 Part number MTS-8-5050W
 Material  6063-T5 Aluminum
 Finish  Clear Anodized
 Weight  3.5 kg/m
 Length  6.02 m
 Moment of Inertia  I(x) = 112.10 cm4
 I(Y) = 29.7 cm4
 Part number MTS-8-50100W
 Material  6063-T5 Aluminum
 Finish  Clear Anodized
 Weight  6.3 kg/m
 Length  6.02 m
 Moment of Inertia  I(x) = 150.30 cm4
 I(Y) = 42.80 cm4
 Part number MTS-10 - 5050
 Material  6063-T5 Aluminum
 Finish  Clear Anodized
 Weight  2.72 kg/m
 Length  6.02 m
 Moment of Inertia  I(x) = 48.6 cm4
 I(Y) = 20.2 cm4
 Part number MTS-10-50100
 Material  6063-T5 Aluminum
 Finish  Clear Anodized
 Weight  4.41 kg/m
 Length  6.02 m
 Moment of Inertia  I(x) = 122.3 cm4
 I(Y) = 32.6 cm4

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